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Grünland Stitch & Turn

The upper is sewn directly onto the sole using the “stitch’n turn” process.
The insole is made of ultra soft material.
The Grünland Flex line always guarantees adaptability, lightness, maximum flexibility, and is always easy to put on.


Removable Insole of Natural Cork

Insole made of a mix of latex and natural cork to constantly guarantee comfort and maximum breathability. The use of high quality materials and the careful anatomical design of this insole guarantee maximum comfort for feet in a simple and natural manner.

A. The insole in natural leather soft and absorben
B. Aeration holes to facilitate the correct air circulation
C. Undeformable structure owing to the particular composition of natural latex
D. Anatomic support for correct resting of the vault of the foot
E. Anatomical zone cushioning the heel


Dry Soft Removable Insole by Valfussbett

An extraordinary double action insole made of a special foam that completely absorbs the humidity of feet and gently protects them from impact with the ground. Once the insole has been removed, the humidity it contains is released quickly.



Microporous Sole

Microporous, non-slip, anatomical sole. Highly shock-absorbent, light and flexible. Will not tire your feet even after many hours of wear.


MetaL-Free Buckle

Personalised buckle, made of special high-performance composite material, stainless, extremely light, weather-resistant and durable.


Removable Insole

This insole can be easily replaced without compromising use of the footwear. Special made of natural latex, it guarantees excellent aeration of the footbed, preventing odour.


AntI-Microbic Insole

A new insole made from a mixture of recycled open-cell polyurethane with great breathability.
The “antimicrobical insole”, with added activated carbon to make it antibacterial, prevents the formation of fungal infections that cause bad smells.
The typical polyurethane memory remains unchanged.
Its anatomic shape guarantees correct natural posture. The insole is lined with natural leather.
Removable version can be easily be replaced without compromise the use of footwear.


Pure Wool Felt

Felt is natural, ecological and recyclable. It fully respects the environment. It is also warm, light and breathable.


Natural Cork Insole

The insole is made of a mix of latex and natural cork, which gently cushions the impact of the foot on the ground. The use of high quality materials and the perfect anatomical design of the insole give a natural feel and absolute comfort for the foot.

A. Anatomical insole based on the natural shape of the foot
B. Raised toe bed divider to securely support the foot and prevent the toes from slipping forwards
C. Raised edge to protect the toes and property contain the foot
D. Anatomical support for the arch of the foot
E. Strong, stable structure due to the particular natural cork and latex composition
F. Shock-absorbing raised anatomical heel rest for heel support and comfort


Made in Italy

These shoes are made in Italy, proudly made in Grünland!


Grünland Suave® Insole

Grünland Suave® regenerates your feet with every step.
The Grünland Suave® orthopaedic insole was designed to give your feet total wellbeing. The materials used and the way the supports are positioned guarantee better blood circulation, which makes your legs and feet less tired, and feeling regenerated. The Grünland Suave® insole was designed, built and patented entirely by Grünland.

A. Shock absorbing area - Metatarsal extra-care
B. Shock absorbing area - Cushioned arch support
C. Stimulation points - Reflexive stimulators
D. Shock absorbing area - Shock absorption


Extra-Flexible Rubben base

This special Extra-Flexible rubben base is designed to allow the foot to flex freely ensuring a proper protection.



The special "bag" construction wraps around and models itself anatomically to the foot, guaranteeing comfort, well-being an exellet adaptability.


Grünland Re-Soft insole

The special Grünland Re-Soft insole is made of a double layer of breathable polyurethane foam. The first layer distributes bodyweight correctly over the foot, guaranteeing optimal shock-absorbance and giving a softer impact with the ground. The second layer "memorises" and recovers its original shape after each use, guaranteeing that plantars are supported correctly, even after being worn for many hours.



The position and width of the special longitudinal grooves in Grünland Conforma soles improve the flexibility of your footwear, which adapts itself to your way of walking.
Thanks to its innovative design and its special dynamic structure, the original Grünland Conforma sole improves all walking phases. It supports a natural "roll" during the intermediate phase of the step, therefore giving support and natural movement at the same time.
With Grünland Conforma soles, wellbeing is natural.

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Correct and natural foot support

  • Adaptability to your way of walking


Grünland Junior "Save the Planet"

Grünland Junior’s BIO line is the fruit of the desire to respect the environment by bringing you the quality that has always distinguished us.


Recycled felt

The new collection has come from a desire to work in harmony with the environment, while guaranteeing the quality that has always set Grünland apart.
100% of the felt on the uppers comes from recycled plastic bottles. A small gesture that means a lot for our planet!



REMOkey® (Recycle Movement) verifies, calculates and notifies you of your informed choice: via the licence label, which is attached to every pair of Grünland footwear and made from felt that comes from recycled plastic bottles,
REMOkey® provides transparent information about the production chain and the environmental savings achieved by incorporating recycled content in the materials used to make the product.
Together with REMOkey®, Grünland is providing proof that its footwear respects and protects the planet.