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Our feet are the most important means of transport we possess; for this reason, it is extremely important to wear comfortable shoes that correctly support your feet and equally distribute the weight. We design the footwear by focusing first and foremost on the anatomy of the foot, in order to ensure a healthy and correct posture that supports natural movement.​

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Suola Conforma
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With these shoes that adapt to my walk I went back to walking as it once was, amazing!

Lucrezia G. - Genova Quote dx blue

Conforma is the original Grünland technologies designed to improve the footwear's flexibility by adapting to your gait.

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Suitable for relieving foot pain! Excelent material and possibility to use it both for shoes and slippers

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Grünland’s removable insoles

Suave, DryGo, Natural Cork and soft: Grünland insoles have been designed to give your feet maxium comfort. The materials used and the well-positioned supports promote blood circulation, which in turn has a relaxing and regenerating effect on both your feet and legs.

Plantare Suave

The Grünland Suave® insole has been designed with your feet’s total well-being in mind

Plantare Grünland Soft

Grünland Soft insole, the latex padding ensures optimal foot comfort by gently absorbing impact with every step

Plantare Dry-Go

Grünland DryGo insole, made from a special foam that fully absorbs your foot’s humidity

Plantare Sughero Naturale

Grünland Natural Cork insole, anatomical natural cork and latex insole ensures maximum breathability

Other Grünland technologies

Logo Anti Microbic

The removable aloe vera insole which prevents bad smells

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Anti Micorbic insole
Logo Grünland Re-Soft

The insole with a double layer of breathable foam

Discover the
Re-Soft insole
Logo Grünland Junior Bio

The eco-friendly children’s insole that guarantees breathability and comfort

Discover the Grünland
Junior Bio insole
Logo Sughero Naturale

Anatomical, breathable, lightweight and able to absorb impact with every step

Discover the
Natural Cork insole

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Grünland uses more than 50 technologies to create footwear for the well-beign of the whole body, ranging from orginal manufactoring, special breathable insoles and metal-free buckles.

Discover full range of Grünland Technologies!